CandleStick Pattern Scanner

Scan and Highlight CandleStick Patterns

Scan Candlestick Patterns as Group

CandleStick Pattern Scanner

User can scan group of CandleStick patterns instead of scanning single pattern one by one. This scan have 3 sub groups named Bullish, bearish and consolidation where user can select favourite patterns and scan them in one go.

Highlight CandleStick Pattern

Highlight CandleStick Pattern in KeyStocks

User can also highlight upto 8 candlestick patterns in one tab with customized color scheme. As explained in below video

Scan CandleStick Pattern with Indicators

RSI and Candlestick scan

This scan facilitates user to scan candlestick pattern and indicator together. For example some bearish candlestick pattern when RSI is above 70 or Bearish Engulfing when RSI is below 40.

Create Own Custom CandleStick Patterns

Create own custom candlesticks pattern

This is most powerful feature for candlesticks pattern in KeyStocks, users are not restricted to only standard candlesticks patterns. They can develop and scan there own patterns upto 7 candles / bars without any programming.