Best EOD Technical Analysis Software for Indian stock market starting at just 2,000 /- (plus GST) Year ...

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Automatic Trendlines

The real beast

Harmonic Patterns

Plots Automatically

Best Technical Analysis Software for Indian Stock Market at affordable price. No matter whether you are price action trader , or Moving Average follower or Indicator based trader or candlesticks pattern follower or even RSI Divergence trader. You can even mix more than 2-3 indicators and create custom scans for own requirment without any coding.

Must have Software for Price Action

Feel the real power of trendlines with help of auto trendliens & Trendline scanner with option of finding stocks which has found support / resistance of trendlines or break. Simple pattern like double bottom / top and complex patterns like Wolfe waves or head and shoulder pattern scan available. ABC Pattern , Harmonic Patterns and EW 4th Wave are like icing on cake. These features makes it Best Technical Analysis Software for Indian stock market.

Enjoy real power of Moving Average & Indicators

Not just MA crossover but rare to find scans like MA Slope or MA convergence upto five different MA available. You can also mix MA with indicators, For example scan MA bullish cross where RSI is above 50 or any other value.

Not Just Divergence of Indicators like RSI / MACD but you can also scan where these indicators has given breakout of last 'N' days with price breakout

Salient Features

Bar Replay Feature

Bar Replay feature is extremely useful for visual backtesting with ease. Also it helps in identify past performance as well as which indicators / systems are repainting in nature. So user can check before following them .

No Programming Knowledge Required

Not all programmers are good traders in similar way we don't expect traders to be good programmers. You won't need to write even a single line of code in this software. It's all about Select, Click and Play

Prompt Support

We provide instant support for all issues related to troubleshooting and software related queries. YouTube channel is also available for help. However we are unable to help you on queries related to Technical Analysis. .


EOD Version

Two Weeks Fully functional free trial.

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